Ohio businessman to serve five years after assaulting child

A former Columbus, Ohio, businessman who had been on probation for five months has now been sentenced to serve five years in prison after he assaulted a child.

The Dispatch, a local news outlet, reports that Alan Redden was convicted in February of aggravated assault and domestic violence after being found guilty of beating his wife. This conviction earned him a five-year sentence, which the judge suspended in exchange for unsupervised probation. A few months later, on June 25, a woman that Redden had been seeing ended their relationship. Redden tried to reach her by contacting her 13-year-old daughter. When the daughter didn’t deliver his message, Redden confronted the young girl, smashing her phone, insulting her and pushing her onto a bed when she threatened to run for help.

This was apparently not the first instance of violent behavior, as Redden had previously yelled at the 13-year-old and even pulled her hair on one occasion.

As part of his probation, Redden was required to attend anger management classes, but his attorney said that he failed to do so.

For violating his probation, and for a history of physical violence, the judge revoked the suspended prison sentence, resuming Redden’s original punishment of five years in jail.

“He’s not well,” Redden’s ex-wife told the source. “He’s very sick. I hope he gets the treatment he needs.”

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