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Mastering Anger’s corporate anger management classes are specially designed to help you analyze your emotional health and identify anger triggers to manage the symptoms effectively.


Mastering Anger offers employer-mandated anger management classes accepted throughout the US and meets the standards of courts, probation, legal systems, parole, and employers.

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24/7 Easy Access

24/7 Easy Access

Our classes are entirely online and self-paced, allowing you to begin and stop whenever you want.

The classes can also be completed on any device that has Internet access, including:

Guaranteed Acceptance

Guaranteed Acceptance

Your anger management certificate is guaranteed by a full refund policy. If your certificate is not accepted for any reason, simply provide proof of rejection and we will refund the course fee.


Who Should Take Employers' Mandated Anger Management Class?

Employer mandated anger management courses benefit everyone who has difficulty managing their angry outbursts. Mastering Anger’s workplace anger management classes can be taken by:

  • Human resource departments
  • Owners of small businesses
  • Police officers
  • Anyone working in an authoritative role (managers, team leads, sales representatives)

Many other entities responsible for managing employee behavior often seek out employee anger management courses for many reasons.

Anger management training for employees will help the professionals with skills to manage problem anger. In addition, some organizations require anger management certification for continued employment, especially after an incident or series of incidents involving anger.


What Can I Expect To Learn from an Employer Mandated Anger Management Course?

Responding to the need in 2024, we have revised our online employee anger management class to include the following new components:

  • Fundamental of anger management
  • Stress management
  • Emotional competence
  • Communication skills
  • Resiliency
  • Negotiation
  • Workplace anger (Special Focus module)

You will learn to be more productive, less angry, and more collaborative. Rest assured, we are a trusted provider of anger management classes for your employee—all content is written by Carlos Todd, Ph.D., LCMHC, an anger and conflict management specialist.


How To Enroll In an Employee Mandated Anger Training?

The following are the five easy steps to enroll in an employer-mandated anger management course:

  1. Select our recommended course.
  2. Select ‘group’ in the checkout process.
  3. Choose the number of classes you'll like to purchase depending on the number of employees that will be enrolling.
  4. Add to cart and checkout as normal.
  5. After buying the course on your group management page, you can enroll your employee and monitor your progress.

Our Students Says


qude This course is very complete, I really think it tackles every aspect of how to manage anger and how to communicate, what causes it and how we can deal with them. I enjoyed this course and learned a lot. qude


qude I learned a lot from this employee mandated anger class. It was very easy to understand and believe me when I say that you have to watch the modules or you will not going to pass the test! qude


qude My experience was awesome. The information was set up in a manner that made it really sink in. It was informative and I wish I had knew this whole process earlier. qude