Employer Mandated Anger Management Classes

Welcome to our employee mandated anger management program. Below are all our classes you need to meet the requirement for your employee mandated anger management class.  Click any button to get started. We have been in business since 2006 and hence have resolved hundreds of employee related anger management issues. We are a trusted choice for many employers in all industries.

Dr. Carlos Todd

Our program was developed by Dr. Carlos Todd, who is certified in anger management and is an expert in anger and conflict management. If you want to be certain that your anger management certificate will be respected in court we are the only choice.

Our Courses


Masteringanger.com exists to equip users with skills to manage life’s conflicts. We seek to do this through the use of best practice learning principles and the deployment of advanced learning technology. We introduced MasteringAnger.com in 2007 and to date our site has more than 7000 individuals seeking anger management classes.

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