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Mastering Anger’s programs are designed by Carlos Todd, who is a Ph.D. level course creator, to meet the court’s criteria. Our programs for court include no hidden costs, a low price guarantee, and starting at $69.



Mastering Anger offers court-ordered anger classes that are accepted throughout the US and meet the standards of legal systems, probation, parole, and employers.

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24/7 Easy Access

24/7 Easy Access

Our classes are entirely online and self-paced, allowing you to begin and stop whenever you want.

The classes can also be completed on any device that has Internet access, including:

Guaranteed Acceptance

Guaranteed Acceptance

Your anger management certificate is guaranteed by a full refund policy. If your certificate is not accepted for any reason, simply provide proof of rejection and we will refund the course fee.


What Are Online Court Approved Anger Management Classes?

Court-ordered anger management programs are a sort of behavioral therapy that gives anybody facing anger difficulties with skills, resources, and guidance. If a person has problems managing rage in public or at work, a court or employer may order these courses or take them for personal reasons.


How an online court ordered anger management class works?

Cognitive behavioral therapy strategies are used in the majority of court ordered anger management classes. The cognitive behavioral approach to anger management trains people to recognize when their anger becomes out of control.

Participants are also taught relaxation techniques, calming strategies, and behavioral modifications. They are also taught how to change the ideas that fuel their anger, which will be the cognitive changes they will use.

Who should take Court approved anger management classes?

The classes are available to everyone who wants to learn how to regulate anger. A partner who is emotionally abusive during conflicts, a parent who screams at his children, or a supervisor who yells at employees is just a few of the individuals you could encounter at an anger management program.

The court occasionally orders anger management programs. A court, for example, may order a violent criminal to participate in an anger management program. In addition, as part of a custody arrangement, a court may require a parent to attend an anger management class.


What can you expect in a court ordered anger management class?

You will discover how to assert oneself without being pushy or intimidating. Finally, your relationships will improve, as will your general well-being.

Anger management will not only teach you how to express yourself healthily, but it will also help you maintain your health. It may also help you reduce the unpleasant effects of unhealthy anger, such as headaches, sleeplessness, and stomach issues.

Furthermore, learning to regulate your anger effectively reduces your chances of turning to drugs or alcohol to cope with stress, frustration, and wrath. Instead, you will learn how to handle these emotions healthily and productively.

Who Pays For The Court-Ordered Anger Management?

The individual who is ordered by the court to attend anger management training is typically responsible for paying for the program. This may result from a criminal case, a civil case, or a family law case.

In some cases, court approved anger management expenses are covered by insurance companies too.

Moreover, if the individual is unable to afford the training, they may be able to seek financial assistance or request that the court waives the fees.

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qude This course is very complete, I really think it tackles every aspect of how to manage anger and how to communicate, what causes it and how we can deal with them. I enjoyed this course and learned a lot. qude


qude I learned a lot from this online anger management class. It was very easy to understand and believe me when I say that you have to watch the modules or you will not going to pass the test! qude


qude My experience was awesome. The information was set up in a manner that made it really sink in. It was informative and I wish I had knew this whole process earlier. qude