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Mastering Anger offers online anger management classes accepted throughout the US and meets the standards of courts, probation, legal systems, parole, and employers.

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24/7 Easy Access

24/7 Easy Access

Our anger management classes are entirely online and self-paced, allowing you to begin and stop whenever you want.

The classes can also be completed on any device that has Internet access, including:

Guaranteed Acceptance

Guaranteed Acceptance

Your anger management certificate is guaranteed by a full refund policy. If your certificate is not accepted for any reason, simply provide proof of rejection and we will refund the course fee.


What Are Anger Management Classes?

Anger management classes are educational programs that help individuals identify, manage, and constructively control their anger.

Trained professionals teach the techniques focused in these classes, and their primary goal is to help the participant express their anger and emotions positively.

Anger management classes are mainly focused on:

  • Understanding anger
  • Identifying anger triggers
  • Exploring coping strategies
  • Improving communication skills
  • Identifying problem-solving strategies
  • Promoting empathy
  • Managing long-term effects of anger
  • Reducing stress

How Anger Management Classes Work?

An anger management class follow a defined format to help participants effectively control their anger. Here are some common strategies to provide a better resolution to anger issues.

Participants are also taught relaxation techniques, soothing tactics, and behavioral adjustments along with challenging the thoughts that feed their anger.

  • Assessment: Involve assessing each participant's unique anger triggers, patterns, and behaviors.
  • Anger education: Understanding the basics of anger and related emotions.
  • Identifying triggers: Exploring situations and factors that lead to angry outbursts.
  • Cognitive restructuring: Changing negative thoughts that lead to anger.
  • Communication skills: Exploring the value of communicating constructively.

Who Should Opt for Anger Management Classes?

Anyone who wants to learn how to control their anger can enroll any of these courses.

These are just a few examples of the people you could meet in an anger management lesson:

  • A spouse who is emotionally abusive during disagreements.
  • A father who screams at his children.
  • A boss who yells at staff.

The court sometimes mandates to attend anger management program due to legal issues related to anger. For example, a judge may order a violent criminal to undergo an anger management certification program.

In specific residential settings, anger management courses are employed. People with traumatic brain injuries, for example, may be able to take anger management programs while being treated in a mental facility.


What To Expect from Anger Management Classes?

You will learn to establish yourself without being aggressive or threatening so your relationships and overall well-being will improve. Our courses to learn anger management will not only teach you how to articulate your wants in a healthy manner, but it will also help you retain better health.

It may also assist you in reducing the negative consequences of unhealthy anger, such as headaches, insomnia, and stomach problems.

How Effective Are Anger Management Classes?

Our online anger management classes are highly effective, offering numerous benefits for individuals seeking to manage their anger more constructively. The advantages of these courses include:

  • Self-Control Skills: Participants learn practical techniques for self-control, equipping them with tools to manage emotional reactions in challenging situations.
  • Insight into Anger Triggers: Our courses provide insights into identifying the root causes of anger, helping individuals understand what might provoke their emotional responses.
  • Constructive Communication: Participants develop skills in coherent communication and learn how to express their emotions constructively, fostering healthier interactions with others.
  • Self-Regulation Development: The courses focus on enhancing self-regulation skills, empowering individuals to manage their emotional states better and responses.
  • Relationship Improvement: Through our classes, participants can improve their relationships by building skills to repair and strengthen connections that may have been negatively affected by anger-related issues.

Given these benefits, our online anger management classes are designed to be effective in helping individuals gain control over their anger, improve their emotional well-being, and enhance their interpersonal interactions.

What Makes Our Anger Management Class Stands Out?

As anger management programs can help you control your anger, the value of an instructor cannot be stressed enough in this case.

Dr. Carlos Todd has been working in the field of healthcare since 2000. He can help you manage conflicts and anger by providing helpful lessons to control your emotions.

As the course is taught by an experienced instructor for anger management, you cannot do better than Mastering Anger!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Anger Class Online Legit?

Yes, Anger Class Online is a legitimate option for individuals seeking accredited and professionally developed anger management courses online. Mastering Anger offers the program, which holds accreditation from the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors as a counseling center.

The curriculum is designed by a Certified Anger Management Facilitator and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC). This accreditation and the involvement of qualified professionals lend credibility to the legitimacy and quality of the Anger Cl ass Online program.

It provides courses catering to court, personal, or business-related needs, making it a reputable choice for those addressing their anger management concerns.

Are Anger Management Classes Covered By Insurance?

No. Mastering Anger does not cover insurance so you need to check these details before enrolling in an online anger management course.

How Much Does Anger Management Class Cost?

Because each course is purchased separately, costs vary. Anger management courses range in price from $69 (the majority) to $549, and Mastering Anger routinely provides deals and discounts to make courses cheap.

How to Sign Up for An Anger Management Class?

Follow these easy steps to sign up for anger management classes.

- Select the course specific to your needs.

- Select the “Individual” option if you want to enroll individually.

- In case of bulk course purchase, select “Group”,add the number of courses, and specify group name.

- Click “Add to Cart”.

- Add “Billing Details”

- Click “Place Order”.

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qude This course is very complete, I really think it tackles every aspect of how to manage anger and how to communicate, what causes it and how we can deal with them. I enjoyed this course and learned a lot. qude


qude I learned a lot from this online anger management class. It was very easy to understand and believe me when I say that you have to watch the modules or you will not going to pass the test! qude


qude My experience was awesome. The information was set up in a manner that made it really sink in. It was informative and I wish I had knew this whole process earlier. qude


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