My Story

The boy who ran from conflict became the man who ran towards conflict. For those dealing with anger, you have many choices for anger and conflict management education on the internet; however, I want to briefly share with you why I do what I do and how I may help you improve the issue with anger and conflict. You see, I was born into an environment as a child where I saw all manner of conflict and anger around me in the form of domestic violence. This experience as a child taught me to drink, run from conflict, and ultimately lack self-esteem.

As I grew older and left home, I became drawn to the study of psychology and, more specifically, the origins, causal factors, and treatment for anger and conflict. Today, I own Conflict Coaching and Consulting Inc, which focuses on helping others (individuals, couples, and organizations) manage anger and conflict. Oh, how things have changed. My childhood pain drove me to create products and services for you to manage the inevitable conflict. I want you to find peace in your head and reduce conflict in homes, relationships, and the workplace. I’m on a personal mission to create better and better products to ensure that the world is a more peaceful place.

Contact Me

I hope to see your soon interaction with one of our courses. Contact me at of you have any questions or concerns.