How Much Does Anger Management Cost?

We have all faced certain situations or certain people who trigger our inner Hulk and force us to lash out in unhealthy ways. While the onset of that anger is often uncontrollable and usually healthy, the way we express that emotion is and must be within our control. This requires a bit of practice and guidance from an anger management class.

Anger management classes are designed to help individuals recognize the common causes that trigger their anger, learn how to correctly identify their emotions, and use effective coping mechanisms to control their anger. In turn, this helps people manage their emotions and express them in healthy ways to reach a peaceful and positive conclusion.

However, when people are recommended to take an anger management class, their very first thought is how much does anger management cost? And whether is it really worth it? Considering the havoc anger can cause in your personal and professional life, these classes are absolutely necessary to maintain healthy relationships and a positive mindset.

What is the Cost of Anger Management Programs?

The cost of anger management classes varies according to a person’s needs and preferences. Each program is designed with different objectives and targets different aspects of anger management to help each individual effectively.

For instance, if someone experiences anger issues due to past trauma, there are different programs to address those concerns. If someone experiences uncontrollable anger specifically in the workplace or due to excessive stress, there are different courses for it.

Accordingly, the anger management class cost reflects the different programs and modules included in them. Depending on the length, extensiveness, and nature of the class, anger management classes cost less than $70 and can go above $500 as well.

An In-depth Breakdown of the Cost of Anger Management Classes

HoursPricingTables Of Contents
4-hour$69Fundamentals, Emotional Competence
6-hour$79Fundamentals, Emotional Competence, Anger and the Body
8-hour$85Fundamentals, Emotional Competence, Communication Skills, Anger and the Body
12-hour$129First Look at Anger Management, Emotional Competence, Communication Skills, Stress Management, Negotiation, Resiliency, Conflict Styles
16-hour$159Fundamentals, Emotional Competence, Communication Skills, Managing Stress, Resiliency, Conflict Styles, Anger, and the Body, Negotiation
26-hour$249Fundamentals, Emotional Competence, Communication Skills, Managing Stress, Resiliency, Conflict Styles, Anger, and the Body, Negotiation, Anger, and Trauma
36-hour$349First Look at Anger Management, Emotional Competence, Anger and the Body, Communication Skills, Stress Management, Negotiation, Resiliency, Conflict Styles, Anger and Trauma, Narcissism and Anger, Anger in the Workplace
52-hour$549First Look at Anger Management, Emotional Competence, Anger and the Body, Communication Skills, Stress Management, Negotiation, Resiliency, Conflict Styles, Anger and Trauma, Narcissism and Anger, Anger in the Workplace, Anger and the Family, Emotional Profile: Last Look at Anger

Note: Most of the courses include an anger management assessment and a certificate of completion

Depending on how severe you think your anger issues are or perhaps depending on certain triggers, you can choose the course that seems most helpful for your concerns. All the programs include a relaxed narration combined with easy-to-follow visuals to aid comprehension.

Some courses include a few easy quizzes at the end. Once you complete the course, you will automatically receive the completion certificate in PDF format. You can also have the hard copy of the certificate mailed to your desired address within 2 to 3 business days.

Teenage Anger Management Classes

Similar to any other age group, teens also face a lot of anger issues. Since their bodies are changing, their hormones are raging, and they are in the process of discovering themselves, they, too, can get stressed out and experience anger outbursts. However, the anger itself isn’t as harmful as the way they express that anger.

For instance, if a teacher fails them in class due to personal reasons and not based on their performance, it is justified for a student to feel anger. However, if they do not know how to manage their anger, they might resort to extreme measures which might get them in even more trouble.

Therefore, teenagers need to learn to manage and control their anger as much as anyone else. There are various courses online that specifically target troubled teenagers. Unlike adults, teenagers require a slightly different approach when dealing with anger management issues. As a result, it is best to choose programs that are designed for teenagers.

Now, you may be wondering how much is anger management classes for teenagers. Again, this can vary according to your concerns and what areas of anger management you want to tackle.

A good starting point is this 12-hour anger management class for teens, which costs $129. This is a comprehensive program that covers various aspects such as conflicts, bullying, emotional intelligence, communication skills, negotiation, stress management, resiliency, and much more. The program equips young teens with the right tools to recognize their emotions and regulate them through effective coping mechanisms.

Whether it is simply for personal reasons or if your teens are specifically experiencing anger issues in certain circumstances or if they have been asked to take anger management classes by the court or their school, this serves as quite an effective program.

Group Anger Management Classes

Anger management classes are available in two settings: group or individual. Both have their own benefits. Individual anger management classes allow you to develop a closer relationship with the instructor and share your personal experiences and feelings.

On the other hand, anger management classes in a group setting give you an insight into other people’s experiences and their journey with anger management. Additionally, with group classes, you get an entire support network to rely on.

Group anger management classes also serve as an excellent resource for people ordered by the court to go through anger management training. There are also people who specifically struggle with anger and rage issues at their workplace or within their professional life. Such people can include athletes, doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc. Minor things can trigger their anger and launch them into a full outburst of emotions. These classes can help them contain those outbursts. 

Especially for something like anger management where you must control your anger when around other people, taking a group class can often give you the opportunity to practice what you learn in a controlled setting. Depending on how many people you want in a group, the anger management cost is calculated accordingly.

Key Takeaways

When it really comes down to it, questions like how much does anger management cost or are anger management classes worth seem inconsequential because, in reality, these classes are an investment. They are an investment in your future mental health and strong relationships with those around you.

Otherwise, uncontrolled anger can eat away at your mental health and hurt your loved ones around you as well. Therefore, for teens, we recommend the 12-hour online anger management class as it deals with many problems that teenagers face in their daily life, such as bullies and conflicts, and how to manage anger through these situations.

Similarly, for adults, an ideal program would be the 36-Hour Online Anger Management Class as it not only covers various anger triggers but also touches upon important aspects like trauma and narcissism.

Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC

Dr. Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC specializes in anger management, family conflict resolution, marital and premarital conflict resolution. His extensive knowledge in the field of anger management may enable you to use his tested methods to deal with your anger issues.


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