Youth soccer coach takes anger management classes after striking parent

With spring upon us and summer a mere month away, parents are already shuttling their children from one sporting event to another. Little leagues and soccer teams have sprung up across the country, giving kids a chance to learn about cooperation and sportsmanship, not to mention giving them a bit of exercise as well. However, for some kids, and even their parents and coaches, these activities can also spur a competitiveness and aggression that typically lays dormant.

In one explosive incident in the United Kingdom, the coach of a youth soccer team let these sentiments get the better of him, and directed his frustration toward a parent who was trying to calm him down. The Suffolk Free Press – a local news outlet – reported that 39-year-old Mark Copping had been arguing with referees and the parents from an opposing team over a ruling in March when Paul Dunlop – whose son played on Copping’s side – questioned whether the coach would have been able to see the play in question.

A verbal altercation broke out between the two, and Copping eventually punched Dunlop in the face. The father was taken to a local hospital where he received several stitches.

After the incident, Copping was let go from his position, and his lawyer told a presiding court that he had stopped attending matches and was enrolled in anger management classes to prevent such an incident from happening again. Copping was sentenced to six years in prison for the assault this week.

If you often find yourself losing your temper at sporting events, in the office or even at home, you may benefit from taking an online anger management course before your short fuse drives you to a violent act.

Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC

Dr. Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC specializes in anger management, family conflict resolution, marital and premarital conflict resolution. His extensive knowledge in the field of anger management may enable you to use his tested methods to deal with your anger issues.


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