Why schools can benefit from anger management

Every day, it seems that there are new reports of violence in schools, whether a conflict between students escalates to an all-out brawl, or an outsider carries out such an act on campus for reasons beyond our comprehension. These events may lead to debates on gun control, gang activity and the treatment of mental illnesses, but one concerned individual in Ohio argues that anger management should also be a part of the discussion.

“Anger directs behavior. We do not know how to control our tempers or recognize when an inclination to violence arises. Too often, if we feel offended, disparaged, insulted or otherwise disrespected, we want to even the score. Any tool can be a weapon then,” Grace Franklin, a resident of Pataskala, wrote in a piece that was published by the Newark Advocate, an Ohio-based publication.

“Anger management teaches us how to be in an uncomfortable situation, to recognize our feelings,” she adds.

Though several issues must be addressed to prevent violent acts in schools, Franklin notes that introducing anger management training programs into academic settings could help curb a various unsettling trends in a culture that some believe glorifies violent acts.

It can be difficult enough for a grown man or woman to acknowledge that they may have an issue with anger management, let alone a teenager. However, reaching out to rage-prone adolescents at an early stage can potentially lead to long-term benefits, and may even prevent an individual from committing a criminal act out of unbridled anger later in life. At Conflict Coaching & Consulting, we offer teen anger management courses, including a new workbook and teen anger and bullying. If you suspect that your teen, or a student you teach, may have issues with rage, these tools may help them better understand and process their emotions.

Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC

Dr. Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC specializes in anger management, family conflict resolution, marital and premarital conflict resolution. His extensive knowledge in the field of anger management may enable you to use his tested methods to deal with your anger issues.


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