Texas A&M quarterback urged to take anger management classes

Johnny Manziel is one of the biggest names in college football today. The star quarterback for Texas A&M, Manziel made waves last year when he became the first person in collegiate history to win the Heisman Trophy as a freshman. But his meteoric rise has been plagued with several personal troubles, including arrests and rampant drinking. While partying can be part-and-parcel for college athletes, Manziel’s raucous behavior has grown to such an extent that his parents are now publicly urging him to attend counseling, including anger management classes.

The Inquisitr reports that in June 2012, Manziel was questioned by police about his involvement in a bar fight, and then subsequently arrested for using a fake Louisiana driver’s license. The football player had to plead guilty to a count of failing to identify himself to police officers, bringing with it a $2,000 fine and a two-day jail sentence.

Then, last month, Manziel was forced to leave the Manning Passing Academy – where he was undergoing summer practice sessions – for missing multiple practices and meetings. Although Manziel attributed his absences to dehydration and illness, other sources alleged that the real reason was that he was hungover.

In a piece published by ESPN The Magazine, Manziel’s parents said they believe their son’s newfound fame is not allowing him to mature properly, and urged him to take an anger management class and meet with an alcohol counselor.

For his part, although Manziel accepted his wrongdoing and pledged to straighten up for the future, he also wanted to put his behavior in perspective.

“I don’t feel like I’ve done anything that’s catastrophic,” Manziel told the source. “Of course, I’ve made my mistakes. It’s time to grow up.”

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