Substitute teacher avoids jail time if she attends anger management

A former substitute teacher with the Orange County, Virginia, school district was charged with a misdemeanor assault and battery involving six students from Locust Grove Middle School. Although a conviction would typically carry a prison sentence, the ex-substitute has been offered a plea deal that allows her to avoid jail time in exchange for taking anger management classes.

The Free Lance-Star, a local news source, reports that Presiding Judge Frank Somerville of the Orange County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court imposed the six guilty charges against former teacher Laurie Millard. The judge’s order mandated mental health evaluations and court ordered anger management until July 21, 2014. During that time period, Millard is not allowed to teach any child under the age of 18 nor come into contact with any of the six students involved in the case.

The charges stem from a May 16 incident when Millard had been overseeing a math class for the day when she told six students sitting in front of a doorway to move as they were blocking a fire exit, which led to an altercation. Although the students told a deputy – who the school had called in to intervene – that Millard had kicked them and pulled them by their shirts, the teacher contested she neither physically harmed the students nor acted angrily, and simply told them to move. Additionally, the deputy found no evidence of injury on the kids and 10 other students in the classroom reported seeing nothing physical occur between Millard and the six. Despite this, the school district had enough evidence to merit a conviction against Millard.

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Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC

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