Road rage perpetrator must take anger management classes

A 22-year-old resident of Franconia, Pennsylvania, has been found guilty of simple assault and recklessly endangering another person misdemeanor charges in a road rage altercation in Souderton. A Montgomery County Court judge sentenced the man, Joseph Grau, to a two-year probationary period, which will include court supervision, 24 hours of community service, a forfeiture of his personal firearms – as well as a restriction to own any during the probation – and anger management classes.

The incident occurred on February 9, when Grau had been driving his blue Dodge Durango on Route 113 in Hilltown Township with another car following behind him. Local source Montgomery News reports that, according to the driver, Grau had been moving erratically up to Souderton, where he stopped short at a red light. Grau slammed on his brakes, suddenly forcing the other driver to move around him to avoid crashing. He yelled at Grau to ask what he was doing but got no response.

“[The victim] continued behind the Dodge and in the area of North Fifth Street the driver of the Dodge stuck a gun out of the driver side window,” Souderton police Officer Thomas Lawson documented in the affidavit. According to the source, Grau was attempting to point the gun – a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson pistol – at the man.

At the time of the incident, Grau’s mother was in the passenger seat and his two children were sleeping in the back. Consequently, part of his anger management sessions will have to involve parent counseling.

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Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC

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