Police officer charged with road rage to undergo anger management

An Allegheny County, Pennsylvania police officer stood trial on Tuesday, July 2, after being charged with assault in three separate road-rage incidents in Pittsburgh and Brentwood. The 49-year-old Brentwood officer, Andrew Marculaitis, was brought up on 20 counts, including simple assault, harassment, ethnic intimidation and official oppression. The charges stem from three road rage encounters that occurred on May 23 and May 31.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, a local publication, reports that on May 23, Marculaitis had been driving his motorcycle in Brentwood when he pulled a sedan over to a stop sign. He then reached inside the vehicle and hit the driver. The car’s passenger had recorded the incident on his cell phone, and that video was subsequently used to identify Marculaitis as the perpetrator. That same day, eyewitnesses reported seeing Marculaitis aggressively driving on Route 51 and engaging in an argument with another man while brandishing a gun on his hip.

The third incident came on May 31, when a Brentwood woman reported to police that Marculaitis had blocked her car in an attempt to keep her from passing. When he was questioned by police about it, he reportedly told the officers that “the woman should not have a driver’s license.”

Marculaitis was placed under house arrest on June 11 and ordered by a judge to undergo anger management counseling. His attorney, Phil DiLucente, attributes his client’s rage issues to a 2004 St. Patrick’s Day incident where Marculaitis fell off his horse. He sustained an injury that required doctors to amputate part of his foot, which has since caused him to suffer from depression.

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