Indiana man ordered to take anger management classes after burning down barn

Last summer, the fire and police departments of Osgood, Indiana, imposed a burn ban on the area due to what were described as “historic drought conditions” by local news outlet Eagle Country 99.3. On August 31, 2012, local resident David Swinney began burning down one of his barns, as it had sustained significant damage from a tornado that previous March and he was looking to dismantle what was left. When authorities arrived on the scene to remind Swinney that his actions were in violation of the ban, Swinney ignored them and continued to burn down the structure while operating his bulldozer.

Nearly a year later, on Thursday, August 8, Swinney has now pleaded guilty to a class B misdemeanor of disorderly conduct after having been charged with several misdemeanors and a felony. The Osgood Journal, another local publication, reports that the farmer’s behavior constituted “tumultuous conduct,” defined as actions that can cause serious bodily harm or property damage. In this case, the disorderly conduct charge was directed at the town’s fire chief, marshal, reserve marshal and a sergeant from the sheriff’s office.

After pleading guilty, Swinney was sentenced by a judge to six months of probation and anger management classes.

“The result is fair and just because Mr. Swinney has no criminal history and is, and has been, a productive member of the community for many years,” Chief Deputy Prosecutor Ryan King told the source. “This result is a good one for Mr. Swinney, the public servants and the community.”

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Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC

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