Former teacher must take anger management classes after shooting threat

A former Winston-Salem, North Carolina, teacher was found guilty of threatening to shoot people in the school administrator’s office. The ex-teacher, 55-year-old Cristina Vazquez, was charged with two counts of communicating threats after telling two school employees over the phone about her intention to shoot specific people in the office. Because Vazquez had no prior criminal record, and the charges are only a Class 1 misdemeanor, the judge suspended two sentences of 45 days in jail and instead sentenced Vazquez to a year of probation, including anger management classes.

Local affiliate My Fox 8 reports that on July 19, the district’s Human Resources manager, Pamela Hensdale, and her receptionist Connie Adams both testified that Vazquez had called the office on March 22 with her threat. The situation arose from Vazquez’s attempt to apply to become a substitute teacher for the school. The application also included a $25 fee and orientation. The school decided to withdraw her application after learning that she omitted her previous employment with the district. When Hensdale spoke with Vazquez over the phone about refunding her $25, the 55-year-old woman quickly became angry.

“I’m a crazy woman with a gun and I will come there and shoot you,” Vazquez reportedly said.

Vazquez called again later, this time getting Adams on the phone, again reiterating her intention to shoot people in the office and specifically mentioning Adams as one of her targets. Vazquez testified that she never made any threats and does not even own a gun.

In addition to anger management, Vazquez is forbidden from entering school grounds or having any contact with school employees. She must also undergo a mental health evaluation.

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