Teen Program

Teen Program

Many adults view childhood as a stress-free time, a series of carefree days that they'd give anything to relive again. But, the reality is, many of today's teens see their situation very differently. For them, childhood is a time of constant conflict, one where they are continually being met with new challenges and difficulties.

Statistics indicate that more than 30 percent of today's students report being involved in instances of fighting or bullying at school. Many others are the victims of insults and teasing that go unnoticed by busy teachers and school administrators. These instances, when coupled with the pressure of needing to excel academically, socially and physically, can easily lead teens to become overwhelmed and angry.

When used positively, anger can help teens garner the energy to deal with threats or wrongdoing. It can even be an ultimately relaxing experience that helps them decompress from the stress they feel from societal pressures. Still, when not properly controlled, anger can be as detrimental to the individual experiencing it as it is to others. When anger becomes aggressive or is used to deny feelings, it can cause extreme physical symptoms such as ulcers or headaches and lead to stress and mental strain if it detracts from personal relationships.

At Conflict Coaching & Consulting, Inc., we help our users develop the skills to manage life's conflicts by making our advanced learning principles and technology available online. On our site, you'll find the most comprehensive anger and conflict management program on the market, one that can help the teen in your life seek the assistance they need while meeting court-ordered anger management requirements.

Why take teen anger management courses online

Before enrolling your child in a teen anger management class online, you may have some questions about our services, and perhaps even some reservations about whether online classes are right for your teen. However, our classes are designed to meet the highest specifications and have been accepted and approved by courts in all U.S. states.

At Conflict Coaching & Consulting, Inc., we extend this promise so that in the event that one of our online anger management courses is rejected for legal reasons, our 30-day money back guarantee provides you a form of insurance. Still unsure? Check out the extensive testimonial section on our site.

Help your teen grow and overcome anger with Dr. Todd's teen anger management workbook

Dr. Carlos R. Todd, the founder of Conflict Coaching & Consulting, doesn't just make his tools available online - his teachings and strategies are now accessible in his new book "Anger Management: Individual Answers to the Resolution of Interpersonal Conflict."

The book includes a number of helpful exercises as well as informative chapters on such topics as learning how to recognize anger, common anger triggers and problems with friends, which teens can read and apply to future challenges that they face.

Conflict Coaching & Consulting, Inc., providing a wide range of innovative courses

While all of our clients are looking for the same solutions, at Conflict Coaching & Consulting, Inc., we offer users a wide range of programs that can be utilized toward these goals. In total, we offer 11 versions of our online classes, encompassing everything from one day anger management courses to 8 hour anger management classes.

The benefits of our online anger management sessions include:

All of our anger classes are available om any device 24/7.

Unlike their regular coursework, your teen will find that with these anger management classes, they can proceed at their own pace, moving quickly or slowly according to their learning styles. The course are in audio, visual and interactive format.

Classes vary from as short as 4 hours to as long as 36 hours, meaning your teen can take any of our courses on their schedule. Interested in learning more? Give one our of friendly representatives a call at 1-704-804-0841 or email us at todds@masteringanger.com.