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Anger management is a tricky issue. It’s not an easy situation to accept 

Anger Management is a tricky issue

Anger management is a tricky issue. It’s not an easy situation to accept, or even understand as something that might be at play in your life. Have you been in situations where you’ve been arguing with someone and they said you were losing your temper or that you needed to calm down, but you didn’t think so? Do others say you’re overly aggressive when trying to communicate? It’s possible that you may have issues with anger management and not know it.

May be you do not know you have anger issues...

Or maybe you do know it. In fact, maybe you’ve known you have had an anger management problem for a long time and it’s starting to seriously affect your personal and professional life. Are you struggling at your job and frustrated in dealing with coworkers? Are you having problems in a relationship with a partner, friend, or relative and find yourself arguing all the time even when you don’t mean to? Has something happened recently that has made you realize it’s time to finally face your temper head on and confront the harm it may be causing others? If you answered yes to any of these questions consider one of the course below. Call Dr. Todd at 704-804-0841 with your questions 

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