Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

1. I am anxious about using the internet to purchase online courses. What has been done to protect the consumer using your site?

2. Is this program accepted in my State?

3. How do you purchase and complete our courses?

4. How are we different from other online anger management courses?

5. Do I have to wait for a certificate to come in the mail when I’m done with the course?

6. What’s the difference between the courses offered?

7. What are Conflict Coaching & Consulting, PLLC and the course developers’ credentials?

8. Do I need to take the course in one sitting?

9. What if I have problems logging in?

10. Will I have to pay any fees on top of the advertised course prices?

11. What forms of payment do you accept?

12. How do I take my online class after purchasing?