What Can I Expect from An Anger Management Class?

If you’ve been ordered to attend an anger management class, you may be wondering what to expect. Will the class be grueling and intense? Or will it be more lighthearted and fun? The answer is that it depends on the program you choose. Some anger management classes are very strict and regimented, while others are more relaxed.

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You’ll likely have to participate in some group activities but also have some time for individual reflection. Ultimately, the goal of an anger management class is to help you learn how to control your temper and respond to challenging situations in a more constructive way.

So whether you’re dreading it or looking forward to it, know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach – every program will be different.

Keep reading to find out more about what happens in anger management class.

Types of Anger Management Classes

anger management classes for teens

There are many different types of anger management classes available to help people deal with their rage. Some classes are geared towards general anger management, while others focus on a specific type of anger issue, such as road rage or work-related stress. It is important to find an anger management class that will address the specific needs of the individual.

For different people, anger can stem from different places and can arise in different situations. Different people can even display their anger in various ways and not just your usual shouting or yelling. That is why they need to enroll in the right type of anger management classes to fully reap their rewards.

Some of the most common types of anger management classes include:

Classes for Teens

Teens are often experiencing different hormonal changes in their bodies and lack the self-understanding to express their emotions coherently. As a result, they cannot channel their anger and lash out at their peers and adults around them. Classes designed especially for teens help them overcome this problem.

Classes for Parents

Anger in parents can be rooted in various causes, such as unhealthy expectations from their child, relationship problems, financial stresses, etc. Therefore, these classes can address those causes and guide them on how to control their anger.

Court Ordered Classes

Some anger management classes are ordered by the court when a judge believes that an offender needs to go through such classes to avoid repeating their behavior. Sometimes, custody cases can also require a parent to enroll in an anger management class.

People Operating in a Workplace

If a person is explicitly facing anger issues at their workplace, be it an employee or employer, they can choose to take anger management classes specifically for people operating at a workplace.

  • Sports Athletes: Missed goals, unfair cards, performance mistakes, etc. – all of these can trigger athletes into displaying aggressive behavior. These classes help them display that aggression in a more calm and constructive manner.
  • Teachers: Teachers are often spurred into anger when dealing with naughty students, and anger management classes can equip them with the tools to maintain a stern yet controlled approach.
  • Classes for Families: For family members who are struggling to resolve conflicts and communicate in a peaceful way, anger management classes can be quite beneficial.

What’s in the Curriculum of Anger Management Class?

curriculum anger management

Are you still wondering what to expect from the anger management class? Then, the easiest way to answer that question is to go through anger management curriculums. These largely determine what you will learn in anger management class. Just like there are different types of anger management classes, the curriculums for the classes can vary too according to various factors.

For instance, depending on who the classes are for, the duration of the program, whether the class is individual or for a group, or who is conducting the class, the precise contents of each class can differ. For example, if you’ve been issued a court order, the content of the course you take up will vary from a relationship anger management course.

In general, the curriculum can include lessons on emotional intelligence, stress management, conflict resolution, communication skills, anger and trauma, anger in different settings, anger and the body, and much more.

After completing a course, you may have to take a few quizzes as well, and if you successfully complete those, you are immediately awarded a certificate. Besides online classes, you can also opt for physical classes through live training.

You can browse the complete range of classes and choose the one that best suits your needs. Our classes are designed to help you understand your emotions and utilize the right tools and coping mechanisms to channel that anger in a constructive and healthy manner.

These classes with anger management experts will assist you in better communication and reduce stress for overall better health. Our court order anger management course is developed by Dr. Carlos Todd, who is certified in anger management and is an expert in anger and conflict management.

What’s unique about our court-ordered anger management course is that it can be completed in just 4 hours. In comparison, standard anger management courses take around 26 weeks.

Do Anger Management Classes Actually Help?

People who struggle with processing their anger and can’t help but resort to aggressive behavior and who find it difficult to manage their anger on their own stand to gain a lot from anger management classes. Working with an anger management expert can help them sort through their emotions when they are overcome with anger.

The classes can help identify what exactly is triggering their anger and highlight any hidden root causes. Once they know where the anger is coming from, it is easier to manage their thoughts and make better decisions.

According to the American Psychological Association, there are hundreds of studies that show the positive effects of anger management classes. In fact, around 75% of people who partake in anger management classes show improvement in controlling their anger.

Who Should Attend the Anger Management Class?

Now you may be thinking who does anger management work for best? Anger management is recommended for everyone who struggles to control their anger. Some people believe that only those who are ordered by the court or by their employer need to take these classes. However, these classes are for all those who find it difficult to manage their anger on their own.

Anger issues are not uncommon. In fact, almost one in every ten adults in the U.S. struggle with impulsive anger issues. The feeling can be overwhelming and force a person to take actions they may come to regret over time. Moreover, everyone can display anger in a different manner.

Some might resort to yelling and abusive language. Some might take it further by inflicting physical damage to the property or worse, to those around them. Some people might blame themselves and adopt a pessimistic attitude, thereby worsening their mental health. In all cases when a person is not able to control and express their anger, anger management classes can help them learn how.

Other than that, if a person is displaying anger outbursts as a result of some other mental disorder, such as PTSD or OCD, it is better for them to seek a professional for those first before enrolling in anger management classes.

9 Benefits of Taking Anger Management Classes

There are several benefits of taking anger management classes that impact several areas of your life, from your daily activities to relationships to even your productivity at work. Here are a few benefits you can expect.

  1. Increased Empathy: Anger management classes help you understand the other person’s perspective before you choose to react with angry outbursts and this helps build empathy.
  2. Support Network: Especially if you are taking group classes, you can build a strong support network that knows exactly what you are going through and can reach out to any time.
  3. Increased Self-Awareness: As you learn about what triggers your anger, you can develop a stronger self-awareness and understanding of your emotions.
  4. Better Judgment: Once you learn to better control your anger, you are able to think more rationally before reacting which allows you to make better judgments.
  5. Better Communication Skills: Learning to express anger in healthier and more constructive ways also allows you to better communicate with those around you and strengthen your relationships.
  6. Better Insights: Anger management classes can help you understand where your anger is really stemming from which allows you deeper insights into your emotions and how to control them.
  7. Stronger Sense of Responsibility: Learning to manage your anger also teaches you to take responsibility for your emotions and subsequent actions.
  8. Less Stress: When your emotions, like anger, aren’t controlling your actions, you can handle heated situations better and avoid the stress of anger-induced behavior.
  9. Better Health: Ultimately, anger management classes can help improve your health and happiness as your life is not constantly clouded by bad decisions taken in the heat of the moment.

What Is the Purpose of Anger Management Classes?

The main purpose of anger management classes is to assist in controlling anger. It does not aim to eliminate anger completely. Anger is an entirely normal and even healthy emotion. However, if it results in misplaced anger and uncontrolled reactions, it can be problematic. So, these classes help in recognizing your anger, improving self-control, and finding healthier ways to express it.

How Long Does it Take to Complete an Anger Management Course?

 how long are anger management classes

There is no one fixed anger management class for all. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are various types of classes that can be completed in varying durations. Some classes can be completed in as short as 4 hours while some classes can last for 52 hours. It depends on your specific needs and where you stand in the anger management journey.

Besides that, if you are ordered by the court to take up anger management classes, the judge may also dictate how long of a course it must be.

Struggling with anger issues is hard enough but recognizing and accepting the fact that you are facing anger issues is even harder. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by anger often, engaging in verbal and physical abuse, inflicting damage to things around you or yourself, or displaying reckless behavior, then you could greatly benefit from enrolling in our anger management classes. These classes are specially designed to aid you in avoiding anger-inducing situations and discovering better avenues to express your emotions through.

Hopefully, this blog has sufficiently answered all your questions regarding what to expect from anger management class. Leave comments or email us if you have any other questions.

Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC

Dr. Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC specializes in anger management, family conflict resolution, marital and premarital conflict resolution. His extensive knowledge in the field of anger management may enable you to use his tested methods to deal with your anger issues.


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