Our 16-hour online anger management course helps one user save time and money

Whether you need to take a court-ordered anger management course, or simply want to help someone you love keep their emotions under control, you probably have a few questions about how online programs compare to a classroom course. If you haven’t taken Web-based classes before, you may be a bit skeptical about how effective this teaching method can actually be.

Our online anger management courses have been developed by accredited counselors and educators to make sure that you benefit as much – if not more – from our programs as you would from a conventional classroom setting.

“I did the 16-hour course online anger management course […] and I will admit I was surprised,” writes James from Ohio – one of our many satisfied customers.  “I have done many anger management [courses] in the past in classrooms, but this was way better and technology was up to date.”

So what, according to James, are the key advantages of our 16-hour online course?

“It saved me 16 weeks of driving back and forth and just for an hour a week to watch 1980’s videos on anger,” said James. He adds that he was only required to complete an 8-hour program, but even that would have taken two months. Instead, because he was able to study at his own pace, he finished his court-ordered anger management in a matter of days. As well as costing less than the anger management court offered by his county, James says the online option also saved him gas money and, most importantly, time.

Learning to keep your anger in check is an incredibly valuable skill, especially if you are prone to outbursts that may harm you or your loved ones. If you have to fulfill a court-ordered anger management requirement, make the most out of this experience by selecting a program you can really learn from. Our online anger management courses have been approved by courts across the country and may be the best option to suit your lifestyle.

Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC

Dr. Carlos Todd PhD LCMHC specializes in anger management, family conflict resolution, marital and premarital conflict resolution. His extensive knowledge in the field of anger management may enable you to use his tested methods to deal with your anger issues.


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