Dr. Carlos R. Todd

Dr. Todd, the founder of Conflict Coaching & Consulting, PLLC, seeks to equip the world with the most effective tools to manage life’s conflicts. Dr. Todd is part of an elite group of individuals who can claim expertise in conflict management that has been tested by academic rigor.

Why Choose to go with Dr. Carlos R. Todd​?

He completed his training and performance improvement doctoral studies focused on the development of a model to measure the impact of conflict management interventions on organizational performance. Dr. Todd is also a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) granted by the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) granted by the National Board Certified Counselors.


Prior to his doctoral pursuits, Dr. Todd earned a Bachelor of Science degree in behavioral sciences followed by a Master of Arts in Community Counseling


He entered the mental health field in 2000 and has worked in various clinical and administrative capacities since that time. He has treated well over 1000 clients of all ages


Sensing the need for more specialized services in anger and conflict management, he sought certification as an anger management professional in 2006 and enrolled in the aforementioned doctoral program.


Masteringanger.com exists to equip users with skills to manage life’s conflicts. We seek to do this through the use of best practice learning principles and the deployment of advanced learning technology. We introduced MasteringAnger.com in 2007 and to date our site has more than 7000 individuals seeking anger management classes.

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