Our Guarantee of Acceptance

Our Guarantee of Acceptance

From our offices located in Charlotte, North Carolina we have been providing a variety of anger management services since 2006; first as Todd’s Anger Management, PLLC now as Conflict Coaching & Consulting, PLLC. You have many choices for online anger management. We assure you that our course (1) will be of a high quality (2) has been accepted by courts more than 7000 times across the United States. (3) will provide you with tools to improve your personal, marriage or work life.

Since 2006 thousands of individuals have taken our online anger management class for court, personal or employment reasons. Our students benefit from an in-depth program developed and maintained by PhD level experts presented in an audio visual format (not an e-book download). We are so confident that our online anger management course will be accepted that we offer you our full refund guarantee.

Refund Guarantee

We stand behind ALL our classes. Online anger management classes are purchased for personal, legal and business reasons. For those who are seeking a certificate for legal reasons it is important to note that our anger management certificate of completion has been accepted thousands of times in every US state, Canada, England and Australia. If you are unsure that an online anger management class will be accepted in your case Click here! for a letter to take to your court official to verify online anger management course acceptance.

It is the responsibility of the student to verify with a judge or attorney that an online anger management class will be accepted in their case before enrollment. We only issue refunds in the rare event that our online anger management certificate of completion is not accepted by the court. Our policy is that in order for us to issue a refund written proof that our certificate has been rejected must be received within 30 days of your purchase. Please call 704-804-0841 if there are any questions.