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We are thrilled you chose our online program. Before you begin take a minute to scroll through your courseroom. When you review all the lesson material and pass all quizzes with a score of 80% or higher. Until you have completed all the course lessons, the link says, “Incomplete.” Once you successfully complete all lesson assignments and quizzes with a passing grade your certificate will be emailed to you

Introduction to Anger Management - 52

Communication Skills 52

Emotional Competence 52

Stress Management 52

Conflict Styles 52

Anger and the Body 52

Anger and the Workplace - W

Anger and the Workplace 52

Anger and the Family

Anger and resiliency 52

Anger and Narcissism -52

Anger and Trauma 52

Your Emotional Profile: A final look at anger.

Anger and Negotiation 52